Complaint Process

The complaints processes provided by PSV are carried out in accordance to the policies and procedures established by PSV based on the requirements of the various accreditation standards. The complaints process is as follows:

Received Claim of Dissatisfaction

A claim of dissatisfaction can be sent to PSV by telephone, email, letter, or facsimile, or via the Client Feedback Form on fill-up 'Make an enquiry' under the PSV's Website.

Review Claim of Dissatisfaction

Appliaction reviewer (AR) will review the claim is substantiated and is satisfied that all attempts have been made to resolve the issue at the appropriate level. Once identified as complaint , AR will register the complaint before submitting to Investigative Officer for futher action.

Investigation of Complaint

Investigative Officer shall investigate and make recommendations to Managing Director of PSV for approval. In resolving all the issues, the Investigative Officer shall consider both immediate and long-term actions required by all parties concerned. It’s must consistent with PSV’s policy on confidentiality

Action Taken for Complaint

The Investigative Officer will ensure the complainee to respond to PSV and giving comments of the complaint and detailing on actions the organisation proposes or has been taken to investigate and resolve the matters. Once the Investigative Officer is satisfied that the matter has resolved, the Investigative Officer will ensure the complainant is advised on the outcome and update the Complaint Register Record

Special Audit (if any)

It may be necessary for PSV to conduct audits of certified clients at short notice to investigate complaints, or in response to changes, or as follow up on suspended clients.

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